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Five Reasons Not to Use a Business Adviser

It seems like everywhere you go these days you come across business coaches, mentors, and business advisers. Do we really need them? On the other hand..

Do you feel that you are getting the just rewards for the hard work that you are putting in?

Are you happy to take time off, knowing that your business will run like a well-oiled machine while you are away?

Do you have enough time to spend with your family, on your out-of-work interests, and on keeping yourself fit and well?

Do you have a clear idea of where your business is going and how to get there?

Is your business fit for sale if the opportunity arises?

No, but…..

1. I started this business to be my own boss

Yes you did.

Lonely isn’t it?

Maybe you think you don’t need someone to act as a sounding board, you don’t need someone to stop you from wasting your time chasing after bright shiny things, you don’t need someone to challenge you and to hold you to account. If this is you, then you would not get value from working with an adviser, and you should go ahead and plough your own furrow.

On the other hand, most of us need a sounding board, and we don’t want to appear vulnerable or indecisive in front of our teams. Your family will support you, but they may not understand the issues involved, and they will almost certainly try to tell you what to do – and don’t you just hate that? You might take on a business partner, but ending your relationship with a business adviser when you are ready to move on is a lot cheaper, quicker and easier than buying a partner out.

A good business adviser will be an empathic person who will listen to the challenges and difficulties you face, and ask you questions to help you come to your own conclusions. They will bring a fresh perspective to your business. They will hold you accountable, and challenge you to go further, to set new goals or achieve better results.

2. Isn’t that what I pay my accountant for?

Well, maybe…..

Accountants have a vast experience of the problems business owners face, a clarity of vision when it comes to the future profitability of your business, and may be willing to ask you difficult questions. Your accountant will help you put a business plan together, but they may not be able to tell you how to deliver it.

Some accountants are also skilled business advisers, and if your accountant is an empathic listener, has experience of running a business, and can advise you on leadership, branding, customer service, managing people, operations, marketing and sales, then you don’t need a business adviser.

A good business adviser will have earned the right to advise – they will have run their own business, employed people, walked the paths you are walking, faced the challenges you face, and probably made a few mistakes along the way. They will have a broad experience, covering many aspects of running a business, and access to a wealth of resources that can complement the skills and experience you have already. Furthermore, they will want to collaborate with your accountant, and together, help you to be the best business owner you can be.

3. I’m too busy – I’ve got enough on my plate

We can help with that too!

Let’s face it – if you weren’t too busy, you probably wouldn’t need a business adviser. It is really easy to confuse busy-ness with being productive, and in the early days of a relationship with an adviser, it can be difficult to find the time to do the things they ask you to do.

But if you’re too busy to work with a business adviser, are you also too busy to work on the future growth of your business?

A good business adviser will help you find the time to work “on” your business rather than in it. They will help you to create a compelling vision for the future, your personal goals, and an action plan of how to get there. They will help you to put “First things first”, to overcome procrastination, and to ensure that you make the very best use of your time, so that you start gaining the reward for all of your hard work.

4. They are Too Expensive

Working with a business adviser is not necessarily cheap, but it will be value for money. For the relationship to be successful, you will need to invest time and money in your business. This is not something to be taken lightly, and it is certainly not something to “dip in” to.

There are a range of services available, which are suitable for businesses at different stages in their development. Some advisers specialise in rapid sales growth, which may be more appropriate in the early days of your business; others specialise in scale-up – putting in place the foundations for stable, sustainable growth once your business is established and profitable; others will help you to grow through acquisition, franchising or licensing, and help with exit-planning.

The price of these services reflects the value that they add to your business, and if you choose the right adviser, and follow their advice, you will recoup your investment and more. Your business will thrive – there will be no more boom and bust – just stable, sustainable growth in sales and profits.

5. If they are so good at it, why aren’t they running a business themselves?

The simple answer is that most business advisers are already running their own business. We are involved in business planning, lead generation, prospecting, sales, operations, and customer service for our own businesses. Some run their advisory service alongside another business interest, or act as Non-Ex Directors for other firms.

The best business advisers are driven by a burning desire to help other people achieve their potential, and this means they may choose not to run another business at the same time. After all, which would you rather have – a business adviser who is focused on making money for themselves, or a business adviser who is focused on helping you to achieve your potential?

Still not sure?

Mustard Advisers are passionate about helping business owners to achieve their potential, so that they can have more time, more money and more fun.

To become a Mustard Adviser, you must have earned the right to advise, and you must have a burning desire to help.

Our robust process is proven to help businesses achieve stable, sustainable growth. Our Diagnostic Tool will help you understand where you are with your business, and the potential value that you can gain, and informs our action plan for working with you. We start by helping you to create a compelling vision for your company and setting objectives so that you can measure the results of working with us. Our programme is tailored for you, and covers all aspects of your business including leadership, branding, customer service, people, operations, finance, marketing and sales. We meet with you regularly to share our knowledge and experience with you, to act as a sounding board, to challenge you, and hold you to account.

We don’t charge by the hour - our plans are based on a regular monthly fee based on the size of the business, and the fee reflects the value that you will gain from working with us. Our customers recover their investment many times over.

You will get increased confidence, inspiration, and a sounding board to bounce ideas off for growing your business. You will have more time to think about your business, and to be proactive rather than reactive. Your team will thank you for it too – they will enjoy working with you and get caught up in your renewed sense of purpose; they will become more engaged, and value the security that comes with stable, sustainable growth.

Helen Phillips, Business Advisor at Mustard Advisors Ltd

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