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VOS Email Campaigns

What are email campaigns?

A ubiquitous marketing tool, emails have been with us since the introduction of the internet and most of us have likely been part of an email campaign. They are a primary tool used by business as a means of communicating advertising messages to an audience electronically (email). Email campaigns usually involve sending emails with the intention of:

  • improving customer loyalty and relationships
  • achieving new customers
  • regaining previous customers
  • informing or promoting a product or service

Why do it?

There are several positive reasons for using email marketing, some more beneficial than traditional mail marketing:

  • Most people check their emails more than once a day and so the chances of them seeing an electronic advertisement or promotional email are highly likely.
  • The use of devices is increasing meaning more potential for business exposure.
  • Email subscribers can generally opt to receive communications regarding particular subjects that interest them and so businesses can target these specific users.
  • Most email marketing platforms assist with GDPR compliance, providing the necessary tools to automate GDPR opt-ins and manage this requirement.