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We've re-branded to align with our new business direction

Following a fifteen year career in administrative and management roles within the legal and medical industries, our founder, Sherona, felt it was time to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions.

Starting out as Sherona Treen-Coward, Virtual Office Solutions, she began to work with a variety of clients from various industries working on a diverse range of projects. Four years later, as the business evolved and the team grew it was time to revisit our brand and our journey began with Mark Peake of Marka Studios Sherona commented;

‘on our very first meeting it became apparent Mark was the right person to lead us on this journey. It was an exciting time for me and our team to develop something unique and professional but flexible enough to grow with us, and importantly not pigeonhole us.

As I looked at our highly experienced team and very loyal clients, based on almost twenty years in industry, I re-wrote our packages and introduced new ones. Technology and business needs evolve and we must evolve with it. I looked at how my clients worked and what they wanted to achieve. We are, or part of, the solution that enables our clients to get their work done. Any business that continues to do the same thing, will not change their results’.

Through his research, Mark instantly grasped the values of our organisation; trust, integrity, professionalism and respect. He understood that our relationship with the client comes first and the rest just happens organically. Sherona added;

‘Our dedication to our clients and our respect for their work and reputation is always at the forefront. We want to celebrate their work. We want to ensure our client’s business journey is smooth. Our clients are successful because they are so good at what they do. We do everything else so they can focus on delivering the product or service that makes them so successful and well respected. Like a rock star, our clients should simply arrive’.

Mark’s research and design skills immediately reflected this. Our organic relationship building approach led to a natural theme. We looked at nature’s long-term relationship builders and found an incredible synergy with one creature in particular. The grey wolf.

Grey wolves form lifelong partnerships and they reflected our traditional skills and ability to nurture. An instinctive understanding of what needs to be done and the communication skills required to achieve. Similarly, we are often required to act quickly and precisely to a situation or opportunity. We were instantly enamoured with the grey wolf and the concept was immediately embraced.

The grey wolf’s impact on the environment did not go unnoticed. As this You Tube video demonstrates, reintroducing the grey wolf to its natural habitat had such a positive impact. By matching skills to tasks we assist our clients greatly and support a positive change to their business course, as our testimonials show, we too have a positive impact on our client’s businesses and lives generally.

Mark’s creative approach to our business rebrand more than delivered on the brief. It provided the space to explore our brand in depth, look at our heritage and to our future. As we enter the global markets, we required a brand that could travel and a logo that would be recognisable. Catch our next article to hear more