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Note Taking and Minutes Services

Ideal for Directors, non-executive Directors, Trustees, and boards seeking independent meeting minutes and note taking services with excellent turnaround times.

Various styles of note taking to suit the business needs, with action points and responsibilities clearly noted so work can be undertaken shortly after the meeting.

A dedicated note taker will ensure your minutes are effectively managed and circulated.

There are many benefits to using an independent note taking service including but not limited to;

Allow all participants to fully take part rather than sharing note taking responsibilities

Notes typed and circulated within a reasonable timeframe

Improve accountability as tasks, deadlines and responsibilities are clearly defined, with any undelegated tasks identified sooner than later

Note taking services are also available for regular meetings, HR meetings, and HR consultations

Note taking at your monthly meeting (via electronic attendance)

Typing up and preparing actions points and associated board papers

Completed minutes and associated papers emailed to the Chairperson within 48 hours for approval prior to circulation

Collation of board papers for circulation prior to meeting

contact us via telephone 029 2166 0534 or email to find out more